nature-resizedYesterday I watched the Tony Robbins documentary “I am not your Guru”, and the quote that stuck with me the most is “We are meant to grow so we have something to give”.

I pulled the Nature card this morning….and it occurred to me, that all of nature is like that! They grow, so they have something to give. Plants sprout from tiny seeds and grow into big beautiful flowers, edibles and trees…and by growing, they provide clean air, food and beauty to the whole planet. Trees provide wood for housing and furniture, and many plants are valued for their amazing medicinal properties. And they just keep on growing, and they keep on giving. No questions asked, no doubts or fears…they just keep on growing. It’s what they do! Plants are a true miracle.

Same goes for animals: In many ancient tribes, they were the main source of food, but also clothing. Their bones were used for tools, and early on, certain animals became human companions. Even if we don’t hunt like in those old times anymore, and many people choose not to eat meat at all, animals still provide us with friendship, unconditional love and the joy that comes from experiencing life force itself. Animals just grow and give, unconsciously, but ever so powerful.

And we humans? We often struggle with growth. Our conscious, self-reflective mind is our biggest gift and our biggest challenge at the same time. We overthink stuff, we get distracted, pulled in the wrong direction. We get consumed by fears and worries, and choose to stay in our comfort zone. Stay safe. Don’t take any risks. Or, we throw ourselves in dangerous and extreme situations, because we feel this need to prove ourselves…when really, everything we need is already inside of us, we just need to uncover it. We just need to remember. Like the tiny acorn that already contains all the information it needs to grow into a beautiful oak tree. It trusts, it knows…and grows. Growing and developing is the most natural thing in the world!

We can’t help but grow. In the worst case, we simply grow older until we die and return to the earth one day. But in the best case, we make the most out of this gift called life. We grow and learn, tap into our full potential, enjoy life with all senses…and learn to give and love unconditionally. If you just trust, and come from a place of love…you know that you’re growing just fine, and that you’re exactly where you need to be in this moment.

And so it is.