Today I was presented with a powerful two card combination: Body Care and Emerging. Let me start with the general meaning of the latter card: It is saying that your true self is shining through more and more, that you stop hiding your true feelings and thoughts and enjoy bringing more authenticity into your life – and that others appreciate you  even more for it!

The clear message I got today is this: Take care of your body and your true self will emerge automatically. What that means is that when we feel healthy and fit, grounded in our bodies and comfortable in our own skin, we can show up as our best selves, be strong, loving, kind and honest.


When we feel sick, tired and out of balance on the other hand, we are more likely to be moody, angry or upset, and we are more likely to make choices that are not in alignment with our truth.

Makes sense, right?

But here’s the second part of the message: Taking care of our bodies is more than just eating well and exercising. These are very important, don’t get me wrong! I try to eat well, drink less coffee, get fresh air every day and do Yoga or Pilates every morning. But there’s more to Body Care:

For instance, what thoughts do you feed your mind? In what voice do you talk to yourself? Do you beat yourself up for being tired, having a big nose or short legs? Or do thank your miraculous body for all that it does for you everyday? Do you honor your body’s needs or do you pop some painkillers and an energy drink and keep running? Taking care of yourself involves talking to and treating yourself in a kind and loving way!

Also, think about media: Do you watch a lot of violent movies, read gossip magazines or scroll your newsfeed on Facebook all day? Or do look for positive quotes, read inspirational books, watch funny movies and enjoy the beauty of nature?

The more positivity and love you can bring into your world, the happier your body and soul will be. That doesn’t mean that you turn a blind eye to all the pain and suffering in the world; but that it requires you to be full of love, wisdom and joy to be able to make a difference. And that’s what your true self is all about: Shining your light in the world, sharing your gifts and adding some love and kindness to a world that desperately needs it.

And so it is.

With love and warmth,