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You’ve probably heard it by now: Our thoughts create our reality. What ancient spiritual traditions have believed for thousands of years is slowly gaining scientific credibility through research in quantum physics.

How powerful our mind is can easily be shown through the lemon experiment: Think of a big, juicy, ripe lemon. Feel its round shape and smooth texture in your hand. Now imagine lifting up the citrus fruit to your nose, smelling the fragrant peel. And now, bring the lemon in front of your mouth – and take a huge bite out of it.

What happens in your mouth when you simply think about biting into a whole lemon? Do you feel saliva building up in your mouth? Do you pucker up your lips? Do you crunch up your forehead, contracting your whole face?

That’s right. That’s the power of the mind.

If the mere thought of a big lemony bite can lead to a physical reaction, what other thoughts can directly impact our physical and emotional state?

Right again: all of them.

Which is why it’s so important to pay attention to the way we think about and phrase things. If we think negative thoughts, always complain inside or criticize ourselves, we literally bring ourselves down – emotionally and physically.

Take a look at these pairs of disempowering thoughts and their positive reframes. Pause at each phrase, close your eyes and notice how it feels in your body

1) I have to do this/I should do this

-> I’m going to do this/I get to do this

2) I’m trying to

-> I’m willing to/I’m open to

3) This always happens to me!

-> What’s the lesson here? How can I prevent this from happening next time?

4) I’m not enough

-> I am enough (strong enough, smart enough, fast enough, skilled enough etc.)

5) I’m a failure/I always make mistakes/I never do it right

-> I made a mistake and that’s okay; I’m only human, and I’m constantly  learning and growing

6) I really shouldn’t do this (although I really want to)

-> I’m allowing myself to do this

7) This is so hard!/ I can’t do this

-> I can do this/I’m up for the challenge/Bring it on!

-> What kind of resources or support do I need to make this a little easier?

Did you notice how different the disempowering and the positive phrases feel? What physical sensations and emotions came up for you?

Some of the positive reframes may feel awkward or not true for you at first, especially when you’re used to thinking differently. The more you think certain thoughts, the more they manifest in your physical environment. Always being in a negative mindset will attract all kinds of problems into your life, seemingly proving that you’re just the “unlucky one” or the “victim”. But you have the power to change this: The more often you think positive and empowering thoughts, the more and more will they feel easy, true and real to you – and you will start seeing shifts and magic all around you! All it takes is a little practice.

Over the next couple days, pay attention to the way you talk to yourself: What are some recurring thoughts that are not super helpful that you would like to update and change? What positive phrases are you already using? How would you feel different by thinking more empowering thoughts?

If you come across negative or disempowering thoughts, please don’t judge yourself, it will only add to the negativity. Instead, employ curiosity: Isn’t it curious that I’m thinking this about X; is it really that bad? How can I express this thought in a more positive way? What do I need right now in order to feel more positive in this situation?

Please share your experiences and Aha moments in the comments below! I love to hear from you 😃

Here’s to love, wisdom and joy – in your head and all around you!


PS: Remember that the Universe never piles up more on your plate than you can handle!

*This post was first published on http://www.energiesinmotion.com on August 22nd, 2016