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This weekend I went to my first coaching summit ever: the Client Attraction Summit by Thrive Academy. And boy, what a wonderful, inspiring, intense and transformational journey it was! 😀

Even though the promise of the summit and the offered programs was how to start making $10.000 per month as a Coach or Holistic Practitioner, it was about so much more than just business. It was about an extremely inspiring, loving and supportive community of heartfelt life-changers and visionary leaders. Next to amazingly deep conversations, we also went through some profound breakthrough coaching together. So my biggest takeaways from this summit aren’t mere business tips, but life lessons that will certainly impact my everyday life, my relationships, my self-confidence – and in effect my business as well.

Jesse and Sharla, the founders of Thrive and two speakers at the summit, shared their view of how being a business owner is a spiritual journey: It brings up all of your fears, insecurities and doubts, and it requires you to be vulnerable, visible and persistent. It requires you to make mistakes, fail, and get up again every single time. It requires you to be fully committed to your unique powerful vision and meaningful mission. Yes, you need to learn the ins and outs of how to handle the logistics of a business; but you also need to become the person you need to become in order to be a successful business owner and inspiring leader.

I’ve had many Aha-moments and big insights this weekend, but I’m feeling called to share with you THE biggest personal takeaway from this summit with you, dear reader! In part to help me process the events of this past weekend, and in part to pass on some of the value I’ve gained that is so deeply affecting me that I just can’t hold it back! 😀 So here we go:

True power comes from embracing and loving ALL parts of yourself.

The context of this lesson was about how to become a good speaker: In order to be authentic and captivate your audience, it is important to remove all filters and show all aspects of your being: The confident rockstar, the quiet introvert, the fierce warrior, the joker, clown and inner 6-year old; your sexiness and your nervousness; your vulnerability, compassion and kindness; your power as well as your fears. This is what makes for an interesting speech, this is what makes you relatable and endearing, and it will keep your audience on their toes!

For me, this is such a huge relief: “Really, I’m allowed to be a bad ass rockstar in one moment and a sensitive dreamer in the next?” 😀

How often do I cherish a certain side of myself, just to judge and deny another part: Sure, I love it when I feel strong, loving and confident. But how about my fearful side? My sensitive nature? Being shy and held back in crowds? Can I embrace and openly share these aspects, too?

And how often do I only show a side of myself that I think my audience will like, not just on stage, but in everyday conversations? For instance, when I’m with musicians, it’s so easy to want to stick to the confident, bad ass, sexy and funny side of me and hide the sensitive, dreamy, girly and spiritual side. Or when I talk to healers and conscious/spiritual folks, I get really hesitant to share that I play the drums in a rock band, and that I stopped being a vegetarian and eat meat again on a daily basis…

But really, we need to give ourselves permission to share ALL of who we are. The good, the bad, and the ugly, the strengths and weaknesses, the quirks and imperfections. That’s what makes us lovable, and that’s what true integrity is all about. And really, it’s a HUGE waste of energy to try and hide things that are essential to who we are, or to try and pretend to be something we’re not. It just doesn’t work! People will always sense that something’s off if you’re not true to who you are. And they will turn away.

I’ve definitely learned this the hard way as recovering people pleaser: How many potential friendships have I broken by not sharing ALL of who I am, but just a careful selection? How many relationships have stayed superficial or awkward by not revealing my deeper thoughts, emotions and dreams? How many times have I felt burned out and resentful because I didn’t have the courage to set clear boundaries and say an empowered “No!” when I needed to?

As soon as you start to love the whole of who you are, you start being in the flow, and everything becomes a whole lot easier. This weekend’s summit has provided such a wonderful, safe space to practice being my true self: I talked to, hugged and danced with so many strangers; I had tears in my eyes in one moment and laughed and giggled in the next; I felt overwhelmed and afraid at times from being in a room full of 200 strangers, loud music and high energy for 3 days straight; and I felt held, supported, loved and inspired from the power of this wonderful community. And ALL of it was ok. All of it was allowed, appreciated and supported. What a powerful lesson!

Seriously: Please allow yourself to be who you are! You are beautiful, amazing, fascinating, and inspiring just the way you are. You are enough. You are valuable. You are a gift to this world! 🙂 My promise to myself is to allow myself to be more of who I really am, and to be more open about everything that’s going on inside of me, not just in writing, but in everyday life as well. And I want to hold space for YOU to discover, embrace and love who you really are.

All of it! 🙂

In love, wisdom, joy, fear, compassion, thoughtfulness, shyness, sexiness, power, doubts, insecurities and childishness 😉


PS: If you’re a Coach or Holistic Practitioner, please check out Thrive Academy and the Client Attraction Summit: They give away tons of free scholarships, and I can’t speak highly enough of Jesse and Sharla and the whole Thrive team. Really, go to the next summit, if you can! It’s such a treasure 🙂

*This post was first published on http://www.energiesinmotion.com on Sep 26th, 2016