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Human beings are hardwired to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It’s just the way we are! So when I tell you that there’s power and wisdom hidden in physical and emotional pain, you might feel the urge to stop reading and turn your attention elsewhere. Pain is something we like to ignore, push aside and cover up. Unfortunately, pain is very stubborn: If it doesn’t get dealt with, it keeps coming back, or even worse, it starts building up until a certain point is reached and all the stuffed down feelings explode in one huge emotional outbreak. Which can be hurtful to others and draining to ourselves.

There also is a way in which suppressed pain can become chronic, when our body and brain become so used to the darkness bubbling underneath that they adapt this state as being the norm. And then it gets REALLY hard to shift into a more positive way of life!

In short, there’s no way around the pain – the only way is through it.

Emotional pain such as frustration and sadness, or diffuse physical pain that doesn’t seem to have an obvious source can occur when something in us is not being expressed sufficiently. Our bodies talk to us all the time about what they need, but unfortunately we’ve pretty much unlearned how to listen to these subtle messages (learn more about this here). So our bodies need to speak louder to get our attention, and that’s where tension, discomfort, pain and a lousy mood come in.

But it’s not just our bodies that request our attention: Since thoughts, emotions and our intuition are very subtle energies, they ask the body for help in being heard.

So what are some possible issues that cause pain when not expressed?

It could be not honoring our need to rest and recharge.

It could be buried down fears, concerns, grief and other emotions.

Or things that bother us in our relationships that we don’t address.

Pain can come from working a job that is meaningless to us.

Or from holding back our own ideas, deepest dreams and most heartfelt visions.

Pain occurs when we’re not making room for fun and creative projects.

Here’s a really common one: saying yes when we really want to say no and the other way around.

Another source of pain is withholding nourishing foods from our body, and feeding it what’s cheap and convenient instead.

Now, what do all these things have in common?

In all these little ways we give away our personal power. We suppress our inherent strength and wisdom with every big or small decision we take against our gut, against our instincts, our preferences, our truth. When we hold back our personal power for long enough, it starts to hurt. Literally. So really, that pain we’re experiencing is stored personal power. Let me say that again because this is super important: The pain we’re experiencing, no matter if physical or emotional, is really stored personal power.

Just imagine the potential in that!

What if that headache is really just a way of telling us that we have been working too much and are not having enough fun?

What if that anger we’re feeling is simply trying to say “stop letting yourself be pushed around and start setting healthy boundaries”?

What if your fatigue is warning you about a certain relationship that may be draining your energy and taking more from you than giving you back?

Or imagine a pain in the stomach signalling worries and concerns that haven’t been dealt with, and that should be expressed in a creative project?

Can you see how much valuable information can be found in pain and discomfort, if we just stop for a moment and listen with an open heart? Next time you’re in any kind of discomfort, ask yourself:

What am I holding back that wants to be expressed?

What feeling, action or confrontation am I avoiding?

What am I afraid of acting on?

What needs to be changed, introduced or let go of in my life?

And then find a way to let it out. You can talk to a loved one or a trusted friend about it, or directly to the person it relates to, if your pain does relate to a certain person in your life.

You could also use creative expression, such as journaling, drawing, writing, playing music, singing, creating art, cooking, photography or whatever makes your heart sing.

Another great way to release that stored personal power is to get up and move your body: Go for a hike or a walk around the block, go running or go to the gym, do some yoga, or dance around the living room.

If you feel like you’re holding back ideas and big dreams, what is one little action you can take today to bring you just an inch closer to your goal?

And if you need rest, please take some time to nourish and take care of yourself. Take a nap or a bath or a shower, buy yourself some flowers, cook your favorite meal or go to bed extra early tonight.

By expressing yourself fully, you are taking back and using your amazing super powers to their full extent. It’s such an exciting process to work through the pain and see what wonders are hidden behind it!

Behind every painful symptom, there’s a story. Listen, learn and transform.

If you have a moment, please leave me a comment below:

What challenges are you going through right now?

How can you make sure you’re expressing yourself fully in this situation?

What are your favorite ways to blow some steam?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Much love. Here’s to your amazing, beautiful, powerful you!


*This post was first published on http://www.energiesinmotions.com on August 15th, 2016