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Sometimes I’m just tired. There’s all this stuff to do, places to be at, work, chores, action steps towards accomplishing big dreams, and then you’re supposed to eat healthy and think good thoughts and be kind to everyone.

Phew. That’s a lot!

There’s always something to DO. But sometimes, like today, I don’t feel like DOING anything.

Can I just BE for a while?

I have to correct myself: There actually are a few things that I’d like to do today: cuddle up with my blanket on the couch reading a good book, smelling incense, listening to the wind flowing and a stream trickling. Drinking tea. Breathing. Letting my thoughts go by like fluffy clouds and letting the sun shine on my back. Feeling one with the moment.

Here’s what I definitely DON’T feel like doing today: sitting in traffic, or even just driving my car. Counting the hours at work until I can finally go home. Taking phone calls. Making small talk. Getting groceries in a crowded super market. Ugh.

But alas, life doesn’t always allow me to just BE and let all responsibilities slide on days like this. And don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy getting stuff done and being productive! Just…not today. Please?


I did get in the car this morning and drove to work. And at first, I was fighting it inside. Ever had the thought “I SO don’t want to be here right now”?

Well, that doesn’t help. So I decided to start writing on my lunch break, and I started to notice all these little ways in which I can just BE, even at work, even when busy life surrounds me:

I made a cup of my favorite green tea and enjoyed every sip. The sun is shining on my back right now. I can hear the creek trickling and wind chimes ringing softly. A gentle breeze is playing with my hair. My thoughts come and go quietly. I’m still tired…but I’m one with the moment.

And suddenly, all chores and responsibilities just become part of a game I’m playing with myself. How can I just BE when everyone around me is hustling? How can I stand still in the moment and flow with time? How can I relax into what is? How can I observe without partaking?

I’m in no hurry. I’m observing, watching, being. I’m taking in the day one moment at a time. I’m tired, but I’m content.


What can you do today to become one with the moment? Please share! 🙂

Much love,


*This post was first published on http://www.energiesinmotion.com on August 1st, 2016