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On a Tuesday evening in May my husband found out that he was going to be on tour with his band for 2 months  in Fall. Now, it’s hard enough for me to be apart for that long. But him being away also meant that he wouldn’t be able to go to a show with me that we had both been looking forward to for a long time, AND he would miss my parents’ first long awaited visit from Germany to California – I was devastated, sad and pretty darn disappointed upon first hearing the news. You know that feeling of “This just can’t be happening, this MUSTN’T be true”; when you know deep down that things will turn out the opposite of what you were preparing for, but you’re still fighting this knowledge tooth and nails? As if you could change the situation through the power of sheer desperation, holding on to your little perfect dream version of the coming months as if your life depended on it…

Yeah. That was me that day.

What’s a girl to do when she’s emotionally frazzled? Go to the library and get an inspiring, comforting book. That’s when I finally got my hands on Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, THE bible for women’s health which had been on my to-read list for a long time. And boy, this life-changing epic came at the exactly right time! This book is so inspiring, educating, eye-opening, heart-warming and ultimately empowering!

Christiane Northrup, M.D., doesn’t only offer detailed knowledge about the female anatomy, many common pathologies and challenges as well as standard and alternative treatment options. She also shares her deep wisdom about the emotional aspects of illness, health and healing. Her deeply spiritual and intuitive approach truly hits home for me – so many diseases and imbalances can be traced back to emotional trauma. No matter if classically trained doctors can find a physical cause or not, emotions are always at least a factor.

Through tales from her own life and countless stories from female patients, colleagues and friends she beautifully illustrates the mind-body connection. So many times while reading this book my heart just opened up wide, and I felt this endless relief: Finally, here’s a place where I feel understood and celebrated as a women, where my so called flaws and weaknesses are really inherent strengths, and where everything finally makes sense – both logically and intuitively.

My personal breakthrough: Reducing menstrual cramps to a slight pulling sensation in my belly by simply not eating any eggs and dairy products the week before my period. Who would have thought there’d be such an easy answer?

I used to have to take painkillers on every first day of my period due to intense cramps, but not anymore, thanks to a small dietary adjustment!

This book is full of simple tips like this one, as well as deep and profound wisdom.

What would happen if we saw all the aches and tension in our bodies, all emotional discomfort, PMS, periods, menopause and labor not as annoyances to be avoided at all costs – but as deeply wise, profound and loving guidance from our bodies? Our physical and emotional bodies aren’t primitive, nor are they something to suppress, ignore and fight. They’re our deepest source of wisdom. And this insight, so passionately, relatable and at the same time scientifically sound presented by Dr. Northrup, has positively and powerfully changed my life. Period! 🙂

*This post was first published on http://www.energiesinmotion.com on September 12th, 2016