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Money is a topic that can push all kinds of buttons: From “There is never enough”, over “Rich people are greedy, corrupt and unhappy” to “Money is the root of all evil”, we all have our hidden – or not so hidden – limiting beliefs about money. We all (or most of us) want more of it, and yet keep repelling it, (often completely unconsciously) coming from a place of lack and feeding our poverty mindset.

I started working on my money stuff and self-worth about a year ago, and let me tell you, it’s a work in progress! Nancy Levin’s book Worthy – Boost Your Self-worth To Grow Your Net-worth – has definitely propelled me a huge step forward on my journey to financial ease.

She does a wonderful job at taking you by the hand and walking you through many exercises, reframes and real life stories about money, financial troubles and financial transformation. She takes it slowly and step by step, carefully guiding you through her Worthy coaching process; and this care is much appreciated since money IS such a sensitive topic.

Levin starts by uncovering hidden beliefs, excuses and habitual patterns around money and slowly helps you to transform these into more supportive and positive beliefs, empowered actions and healthy money habits. Even though I’ve been working on my money story for about a year, there’s still a lot of work to do for me, as there are many layers to the issue and many stubborn negative beliefs that take time, practice and awareness to uproot.

I especially love how Nancy builds a connection between your sense of self-worth and your financial state. If you start attracting more money into your life without building up the corresponding self-esteem first, it’s like trying to build a house without a ground floor. It’s a constant struggle without anything to show for!

Working through this book, I have been able to strengthen my sense of self-worth by internalizing that we are all naturally deserving, worthy and valuable, simply by being alive. Simply by being spirits in physical bodies, knowing that we all carry a spark of divinity in us that makes us inherently blessed and abundant. It’s not always easy to really feel and believe this about ourselves, so every reminder of this beautiful piece of wisdom is highly appreciated! 🙂

If you feel like your self-worth and financial life could use a little update, this book is for you! 🙂 That being said, I wanna leave you with my favorite affirmation from the book (repeat after me ;)):

“I am unconditionally worthy of all that I desire.”

Please let me know in the comments below:

What are your beliefs about money?

What would change in your life if all your beliefs about money were positive and empowering?

What in your life makes you feel abundant already?

Have a prosperous and abundant week! $$$


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