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Today is the first day of November! Wow. The last couple months just flew by…

I love November. It’s my birthday month, and I’ve always been drawn to this time of darkness and introspection, the coziness at home and the rough, wild beauty of the outdoors. It’s a mysterious, magical month – it’s Scorpio time! πŸ˜‰

I pulled the Enchantment card again, so I think it’s a good time to reminisce about the Novembers of my childhood: The excitement about my birthday that had me wake up early in the morning to greet this special day; dark grey, stormy and rainy days outside; being all warm and cozy inside; and the traditional St. Martin’s celebrations: All kids would craft little paper lanterns at school and go on a nightly walk through town holding their handmade lights, singing traditional St. Martin songs…there would be a huge fire waiting for us at the end of the walk, and the traditional pastry: It was shaped like a gingerbread man, but made out of a yeast dough, dusted with sugar, and holding a little white clay pipe in his arms. I used to love St. Martin’s Day!

Here in the US, I got to experience a different kind of magic last night: My husband and I carved our pumpkins (so fun!), and since it was the first time we both were home for Halloween and not playing shows, I experienced my first encounter with trick or treaters – so cute! πŸ˜€

I also drew the Music card today, which reminds me even further of the traditional songs we used to sing for St. Martin. Also, now that my husband is back home from his tour, I know the house will be filled with music again; he always puts on music, and I will be able to listen to him practice his bass again πŸ˜ƒ

It is interesting that the Power card came up, sandwiched between Enchantment, Music and Soulmate: The only true power in the Universe is Love, unconditional, unlimited, divine Love. We often think of power as something to be scared of, something intimidating, like mean, angry, unfair authorities…some people even believe in a wrathful God! But really, all this fear brings about destruction, and ultimately powerlessness. It’s Love that brings true power, freedom and a sustainable, fulfilled life for the whole planet.

I often have a hard time stepping into my power. As a sensitive person, I’m always afraid of burdening, hurting or criticizing someone. But today’s reading reminds me what true power is made of, and where I can find it in my own life: A childlike spirit of magic, wonder and awe; the healing power of music; and the amazing feeling of true love. I really am so blessed to be married to what I have always considered “the man of my dreams” – I wouldn’t have moved away from home and across the Atlantic ocean for just any guy! πŸ˜‰

But even knowing that I have found my soulmate, real life with all its responsibilities, fears, expectations and ego restrictions can still be tough. Romantic relationships are where all our stuff comes up, the good, the bad and the ugly. Our spirituality is truly put to the test in the way we relate to others and ourselves. You can experience the most blissful state in quiet meditation – but the true meditation begins when you get up and interact with others, especially those closest to you.

The Soulmate card states: “If you are in a current relationship, your angels ask you to release this partnership to them. In that way, they can help elevate your relationship to a soulmate level”. To be honest, this sentence always makes me cringe; my ego is just screaming its head off at this request, it’s scared to to death by the thought of letting go of control about my relationship!

I have a lot of people-pleasing tendencies: I always want to be liked well, do the right thing, be kind and pleasant and helpful, and part of me believes I’m only lovable when I present myself a certain way. Even to my husband! But really, playing a certain role and trying to appear perfect at all times is only creating distance in relationships. True intimacy happens when you let go off all walls and masks and just show yourself the way you are, when you are truly vulnerable, with all your strengths and weaknesses. And that’s where the power of love comes in: As long as you come from a place of true love, and not fear, your relationships will blossom. And what better way to infuse your relationships with love than inviting the angels to be with you and support you!

So, today I am reminded that my childlike sense of wonder, my love for music, my angels, and my beautiful soulmate husband are all pieces of the puzzle that makes up my true power. As long as I step into Love, I will be strong, assertive, confident and courageous. I will be able to speak my truth and live my truth, be honest and in integrity, and be open and vulnerable. I choose to release all my fears, worries, doubts and insecurities to God and the angels today. I choose to let the love in! ❀️

And so it is.

May you find true love in your heart and all around you today!