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Last night a friend of mine gave me a tarot reading! It was super interesting. There were wands everywhere! 😀 The wands generally represent new beginnings and creative ideas, and I do feel like I’m in the process of starting something new…a new chapter in my life, new projects, something that may turn into a career path eventually. And I’m loving the process! 😃

The Manifestation card is another reassurance to me that I am on the right path, and that right now a lot of things are manifesting that I’ve been working towards for a while. The most important thing now is to stay positive, stay in faith, stay in trust. Our thoughts do become our reality, so it’s crucial to pay attention to what’s going on in my mind: Do fears and worries enter my mind frequently? If so, how do I react to them? Do I stuff them down or acknowledge them? Do I make enough room for gratitude, affirmations and positive visualization?

Thoughts and feelings are the beginning of all manifestation. If we nurture and strengthen the “right” thoughts and feelings, we can create something truly remarkable. Even if we don’t know the exact steps, or the exact “how” yet; it’s enough to just take it one step at a time.

The second card I pulled today is Spiritual Growth. It basically states that you are in a phase of rapid spiritual growth at this time. I do feel like I’m making a lot of progress right now: I’m slowly getting better at the way I react to fears, worries and self-doubts. These emotions may never fully leave me. I will probably never be the bravest, most confident and ballsy person ever, nor the most light-hearted. But I’m learning to acknowledge these feelings, process them in healthy ways, and always come back to love.

When you first learn meditation, you are often instructed to focus on your breath, and to always come back to your breathing. Every time a thought enters your mind and you get carried away thinking about your grocery list, your chores or what to make for dinner, you can simply return to your breath. Meditating isn’t about quieting the mind completely; that’s basically impossible! It is a constant coming back to the breath or your mantra or whatever focal point you chose in the beginning. I feel like life is the same way: Dark emotions come up frequently, fears, doubts and worries, the ego kicks in with limiting beliefs, life itself gets stressful with responsibilities, drama and challenges. This is never going to just go away; there’s no magic cure for constant happiness and life always going exactly the way you want it to. But when shit comes up, we can choose to always come back to love. We can notice what’s going on without judgement, just observing, thinking our thoughts, feeling our feelings, keeping on keeping on…and then consciously choosing to come back to love.

For me, coming back to love means talking to my angels, praying to God, connecting with the love and light in my heart, connecting to nature. It’s not always easy, and sometimes it takes a whole lot of praying and quite some time to process negativity and get back to balance! But the intention alone is very powerful, and with practice, it gets easier to deal with life’s challenges and live a light-filled life. Just as in meditation, it’s not about trying to ignore and stuff down the dark side, the shadows, the not so pretty thoughts and emotions. We need to acknowledge them, let them move through us, learn our lesson, and come back to love. Again and again and again.

And so it is.

Sending you love and light! 😃