My period is coming up and I’m having a hard time today…I was feeling pretty tired all morning, and got a migraine in the afternoon. I’ve been drinking a ton of water today and took two Advils, but my head is still throbbing like crazy…

What advice do the angels have for me on a day like this? To connect to my inner child, once again. This has been a theme for me lately, and I have to admit, it’s very effective πŸ˜‰ It’s this light, playful side of me that helps me take things lightly, keep my sense of humor, and stay present in the moment instead of getting stuck in complaints, fears and worries.

So even though my head is aching, I’m enjoying the sunshine, the colors I’m wearing today (different shades of blue and a tad rose), and I’m able not to identify with the migraine: It’s there, and I definitely feel it, but I’m trying to stay in the lightness and move through my day like a normal person – just a little bit slower than usual. And tonight I’m gonna have my husband pamper me a little πŸ˜‰

The second card that came up today is Study – a reminder that EVERYTHING is part of our learning process. This migraine attack bears the opportunity to learn how to handle my headaches better – even though I don’t get them that often anymore, they will probably never go away fully. So the more I can learn about prevention AND migraine management when it’s acute, the better.

I almost feel like I’m watching myself from the outside, like a studying scientist. Which is nice: In the past, I’d often become completely consumed by my migraines, crying my eyes out with a blanket over my head in a darkened room, feeling guilty for being so weak and resentful because I would feel so miserable, frantically trying to figure out what I’d done to trigger it. And then judge myself for it…

No judgement today! Just staying open, curious and compassionate with myself, and connected to my Higher Self, which is just observing, smiling and sending love. β™‘

And so it is!