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Once a week, I take this super sweet 101 year old lady grocery shopping. She’s from Germany originally, so she’s a bit like my California grandma. Yesterday, she sent me to get her groceries while she stayed at home, since I didn’t have time until after work and she prefers coming with me when it’s a little earlier in the day.

While I was away, she fell down the stone steps leading to her front door. So when I got back, I was greeted by blood stains on the steps…

Now, this lady is a real trooper. She had these two huge gashing wounds on the backs of her hands, but didn’t complain at all, didn’t even whince at the pain. She just said “I don’t know what happened, I haven’t fallen on my steps ever in the 50 years I’ve lived here!”.

Since she’s in such great shape for a 101 year old, she doesn’t expect anything to happen – so her first aid kit was basically non-existent. So I tried to stop the bleeding and patch her up with whatever little band aids she had…we both decided it’d be too stressful for her to go to the hospital in the evening (she usually goes to sleep by 6 pm), and that we would wait until the next morning so she’d be a little more refreshed and ready for this usually rather sucky experience (excuse my language).

Of course I was pretty worried driving home in the evening! Had I done enough to help her? Should I have insisted on taking her to the hospital? But I prayed to my angels, and her angels, and after a few minutes I got the message that she’d be okay until the morning.

Patching up an old lady on a migraine day is not good for my nerves, so my head has been hurting pretty badly since last night…

I brought her some proper first aid supplies this morning, and she seemed alright…she is gonna drive to the hospital with a friend today, so they can check the wounds and see if she needs stitches. She has a great support system, which she and I are very grateful for! 😉

Now you may be wondering what all this has to do with my angel cards! I drew one card this morning. I had to shuffle for a while, because in my migraine brain it’s hard to focus on or connect with anything! The card that finally revealed itself is Listening.

Sometimes we are so busy praying and talking and doing that we forget to listen – and then we wonder why we don’t receive an answer to our prayers! After asking for help, it’s so important to open up to receiving, so you don’t miss your angels’ guidance!

Also, this card is a reminder that you really are communicating with the divine through prayer, thoughts, feelings and intuitive guidance. One thing my old lady friend said this morning really touched me. She said: “Nothing like this has ever happened to me, I have a good guardian angel! But he must have been on vacation or something when this happened…”

I don’t think her guardian angel was on vacation, but probably prevented any further damage, and is surely going to help her heal as quickly as possible. I knew in that moment that she was going to be alright. Everything happens for a reason, and there are some big lessons to be learned from this event, both for her and for me!

This lady has been through so much, WW 2, fleeing Germany with stop overs in England, Spain and the Phillippines, raising two children that weren’t even her own, becoming a teacher, building her life in the US, traveling the world, often by herself, up into her 80ies. Her mentioning her guardian angel shows me that she hasn’t just been “lucky” her whole life – she’s had some amazing divine support and protection to help her through challenging times and keep her in good health until her 101st birthday!

I’m just so humbled by this display of the angels’ healing and protective powers. Knowing that they are there, and that we can always call on and receive their healing and guidance helps me process this experience and stay in my strength (I did cry a little last night, but I’m actually amazed at how much blood I can see without getting sick). And I’m just so so grateful!

And so it is.

Sending you love and blessings!