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Today I drew a beautiful 3-card combination: Enchantment, Spiritual Growth and Guardian Angel.

The message to me is this: When you trust, frequently talk to and listen to your guardian angel, you have all the support, protection and guidance you need in order to grow spiritually. You feel safe, know you are taken care of and are free to explore the miracles of the inner and outer world. This sense of trust, safety and curiosity brings you back to your inner child, helping you grow and develop more quickly.

This alone is a beautiful message that could stand by itself! However, to me there’s one more piece to this: My 101-year old lady friend mentioned her guardian angel yesterday; but I have to admit, I’ve mostly been praying to archangels lately, not really to my own guardian angel…somehow, the archangels with their clearly defined names and roles can be easier to access than the guardian angels, whose image and name you are responsible of seeing, hearing or imagining yourself.

When I was 16 years old, my driving teacher drew two angel cards for me that were supposed to reveal the names of my guardian angels. They were Ezekiel and Elisabeth. Elisabeth resonated with me, as it is my Grandma’s name, and she is a real earth angel in my book – always sweet, pleasant, joyful and caring. But I’ll always associate her with that name, not my own guardian angel!

The name Ezekiel never sat well with me either. I tried reading up on him in the bible, but nothing really resonated. So I just never prayed to him, just because the whole name thing didn’t work for me!

Recently, I went through Kyle Gray’s little online course on angels that he has on Hayhouse…it’s really a wonderful resource if you’re interested in learning more about the angels! 😉 His opinion is that the name of your guardian angel doesn’t matter; we have to remember that angels are a very abstract concept, they really are just subtle energy. Therefore, they show themselves in a way that we can understand: As beautiful winged beings, as colorful lights, as fairies, as spirit guides, whatever works for us.

So instead of getting hung up on that name I don’t like, why not use some of that energy of Enchantment and create my own guardian angel?

I kinda know what he looks like, a strong but quiet and gentle man with dark brown hair in a white shirt. Kinda like archangel Michael without the sword and armor 😉 And I think that’s what I’m gonna call him, at least for now: Michael. It resonates, and I can definitely sense a difference between “Archangel Michael” and “Guardian Angel Michael” – more like a good buddy than a powerful warrior of love and courage. Which doesn’t mean my guardian angel isn’t powerful! I think he’s very powerful indeed and has brought me great protection, guidance and good fortune all my life. But in a gentle, joyful, smiling way, not with a vigorous sword.

If you could make up your own guardian angel (which you absolutely can, by the way), what would he or she look like? What color would you connect with him or her? And what would be your guardian angel’s name?

Play around this weekend with this idea if you like 😃

Much love from me and Michael! 😉 ♡