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Even though I had myself a nice 3-card reading today, I’m only going to write about one card of the spread. The other two are either personal messages that won’t be of much use for anybody else, or their topics have already been covered in previous entries – and I don’t want to bore you with repetitions πŸ˜‰

So let’s talk about Harmony today! πŸ˜€

We sensitive folks cherish and crave harmony and balance – so much so that we often avoid conflict and confrontation at all cost! Or we avoid trying something new and stretching out of our comfort zone, because it may lead to disappointment, failure, or judgement and criticism by others.

But here’s the thing about harmony: It’s not a static state. In real life, balance hardly ever is the perfectly still, even scale. Rather, harmony is like a dance: A dance of opposing forces, of peace and conflict, of activity and passivity, of joy and pain.

The human experience is all about contrast: Without darkness we wouldn’t appreciate the light; without pain we can’t experience pleasure; love loses a lot of its meaning in the absence of hate. Of course, we are all striving towards joy and away from pain, but the point is that without darkness, there’s no way for us to understand what light is.

I think that the beauty of life lies in the space between these contrasts, these opposites. If we can find peace and joy in the midst of chaos, in the ups and downs of life, and appreciate both sides for what they have to teach us – that’s when we can find true harmony.

Coming from this place of inner harmony, we have the clarity to understand what is needed in any situation, and the strength to make the right decision. Sometimes this may mean an open talk, an honest conversation, being vulnerable, taking the plunge or making mistakes in order to grow. At other times, we may be better of resting, keeping quiet, observing, waiting, and accepting what is. Either way it takes courage to overcome fear and nurture inner peace and loving harmony – life gives us many challenges and opportunities to practice balance!

By cultivating harmony within we are able to better understand the ebb and flow of life, and we may also bring a little more peace to the world.

And so it is!

Have a harmonious Sunday! πŸ˜ƒ