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I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I’m terrible at sitting down in silence to meditate! 😀

Although I consider myself to be a very spiritual person and enjoy silent contemplation, the traditional way of meditating by sitting in a cross-legged seat and focusing on the breath or a mantra just doesn’t work for me. As a highly sensitive person, my body just speaks way too loud at all times!

I know, you’re supposed to push through that itchy nose, those tight shoulders, your back starting to hurt. You’re supposed to just observe, notice without judgement, learn to be above it all…but why make it so hard on yourself?

The best way for me to quiet my bodily sensations so I can listen to my soul is to actually USE my body. When I do something with my hands, walk, do yoga, clean the house or work in the garden, I keep my body busy, but my mind quiet. While my body is occupied with a simple task, my mind and heart are free to explore the wonders of the inner world. I can let my thoughts wander, daydream, be in the moment, be aware, and most of all: listen.

Cause really, meditation isn’t about forcing the mind to be quiet. That’s pretty much impossible if you ask me. Rather, it’s about intense, focused listening. When you really listen to your thoughts and emotions, you start to notice a new voice. In the midst of all inner chatter, there’s a loving, smiling, ultimately wise and patient voice.

That’s the Higher Self, that’s God and the angels, that’s the Universe, that’s ultimate consciousness.

When my body (or my mind!) speaks really loud to me, it can be hard to hear that voice of compassion and wisdom. But as soon as I DO something with my body, I get grounded. I regain my connection to the earth. My body starts to work in a focused, undistracted way; my mind starts to calm down, focusing some energy on the task in front of me, and leaving the rest of its capacity empty so the soul’s voice may enter.

I love this way of outward activity, but inner silence and listening. That’s my way of meditating!

What is your favorite way of meditating? When do you feel most connected to the divine?

Happy Monday! 😃