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After hearing the unsettling results from yesterday’s election, I asked the angels how to best deal with the upcoming political changes. Their answer was, as always, accurate, comforting and inspiring!
The first card that came up is Balance reversed, like a confirmation that there’s not much balance in the political world in general, that the 2016 presidential election has absolutely polarized and split America in half, and that we probably can’t expect a very balanced approach from president Trump.

A reverse card can signal a block in this area and asks us to pay close attention to this topic, in this case balance. But a reverse card can also mean a shift of perspective from the outside to the inside: In other words, in a world that seems to get more complicated by the day, how can we cultivate inner balance to give us strength, clarity and a sense of harmony – so we can face any outer challenges with grace, kindness and love?

Secondly, the Friendship card came up. To me this is a clear reminder to focus on community and loving, supportive relationships, and let go of judgements, prejudices and hate.

Thirdly, and this fits just so beautifully, I drew the Serenity card. It is another way of the angels saying that we need to create inner peace for outer peace to become possible. So often we say “How can I be happy and calm when there are so many bad things happening in the world?” But the thing is, how can you make a change when you are not feeling happy and peaceful inside? Hateful, upset and hasty reactions will only continue the cycle of fear and hate.

Working on your own sense of compassion and inner harmony doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to the challenges, injustices and wars happening in the world; it means sending love and prayers, staying non-judgemental, understanding and compassionate, building awareness in yourself and others, and taking conscious, empowered action.

I find it interesting, too, that the colors dominating today’s spread are white and shades of green: The colors of the heart and crown chakra, reminding us to shift from the sense of fear and survival in the lower chakras to the unconditional love and divine connection in the upper chakras. Don’t just default to rage, or to saying that all hope is lost – stay open for new solutions to come our way and stay open for new opportunities of growth.
Stay in the love, my friend!

Sending prayers, compassion and strength to the US today!