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Today I was guided to write about Playfulness…I have to admit, at first I resisted this idea. I’m in the midst of trying to sell my car and buying a new one, on top of work, creating content and dealing with all kinds of other responsibilities, meaning I feel like I have to be a real grown up right now…about pretty much everything!

I tend to get pretty serious, uptight and worrisome when I have a lot of tasks to take care of…especially “adult” tasks like buying and selling cars and getting all my bills paid for. But, coming from an anxious and worried place does typically not lead to the best decisions! So, how can I be mature without being uptight? How can I keep a sense of playfulness while still being responsible?

I think it’s important to just not take myself too seriously (I do that a lot)! Or pressure myself into having to make the perfect decision at all times. Of course, buying a new car is a decision that wants to be well thought out, and requires proper research, advice and presence of mind. And what is the best way to keep presence of mind? Being relaxed. And what gets you relaxed? Staying open, curious, and playful!

And keeping the faith, the trust. The idea of having and communicating with angels is a very fun, imaginative and innocent belief to begin with. I think that’s why I love my angels so much: They make me giggle and laugh, they make me feel safe and taken care of, they help me to relax and see the bright side. They always have good advice for me. And they help me to keep a sense of amusement and openness as well as of wisdom and clear sight.

So really, whenever I find myself getting anxious or feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities ahead, I just need to call on my angels. They provide fun, playfulness and lightness, paired with the great wisdom of an ancient sage.
They rock out with me in the car when the radio is playing one of my favorite songs…and they give me clear, trustworthy advice when I need to make an important decision.

I think I’ve said this before, but I think true strength of character comes from combining the curiosity, innocence and playfulness of a child with the maturity, wisdom, clarity and understanding of the elder!

Aww…here’s to the angels! 😃

Much love, wisdom and joy!