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Today is a special day numbers wise: 11/11! The two elevens mean that our thoughts manifest rapidly on this day, and therefore we need to pay extra attention to what we focus our energies on. In order to manifest what we want, we need to think and daydream about it – and avoid thoughts that are fueled by fear and worries!

Yes, you have permission to daydream today. And dream big, if you may! πŸ˜‰

With that in mind, it’s interesting that the Truth & Integrity card came up in my morning reading. Fears, worries and doubts are NOT our truth. Our Higher Self is all about confidence, courage, clarity and compassion (pretty catchy alliteration here πŸ˜›).

So I asked myself if there is anything in my life right now that’s out of integrity with my truth and my highest intentions…and what things have held me back in the past from being fully, authentically expressive. Common themes are:

“I don’t want to ask this question/ask for help right now because I don’t want to bother this person”

“I’ll look stupid if I ask this question/make this request. I should be old enough to figure it out myself”

“Everyone will be disappointed if I say no to this/quit this opportunity”

“I’m not worthy of receiving X, so there’s no point in asking for it”

So it’s all about fear. Fear of rejection, fear of judgement, fear of not being enough. The ego telling me that I’m not worthy, not deserving, not lovable. In order to be my authentic self, I need to let go of these fears and connect to my Higher Self – which is easiest for me when I ask the angels for help!

So this morning, I texted my husband with a request, even though my ego was playing its old song in the back of my head: “Don’t bother him while he’s at work, he’s got better things to do right now! He might judge you!” But I asked anyway, because we’re a team, we make decisions together, we support each other…and we love each other! So what’s there to fear?

Sure enough, the reply was supportive and helpful – and didn’t sound bothered at all. And that’s the thing: Whenever I DO speak my mind, I get good results, support, respect, advice. But for some reason, my mind keeps making up stories about looming judgements, criticism and unworthiness…it definitely takes presence of mind and discernment to distinguish between the voice of the ego and the voice of the soul!

The second card I pulled today provides a clue on how the soul speaks to us: through Ideas & Inspiration.

Thoughts that start with “Hey, I could do this!” or “I know that X” often come from our Higher Self. They have a light, expansive, creative quality to them, and they seem to come from somewhere above. Thoughts like “I really should…” or “I can’t do that!” often originate from the ego. They feel more contractive, and you can feel fear tightening up your stomach when you think them!

Paying attention to your bodily reactions can be super helpful in determining whether a thought comes from the ego or the soul: A “What if” question feels very different if it’s a fearful worry or an exciting discovery!

For me, connecting to my Higher Self and quieting the voice of my ego can be very challenging at times. That’s where the angels can provide guidance, support and courage. The more I speak to my angels, the more I’m able to make good decisions and live in integrity with my truth! πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you dear angels. β™‘

Being yourself is so rewarding! I’m wishing you all the courage and support you need to live in alignment with your soul!