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I drew a total of four cards today, many of them cards that have come up quite frequently in the recent past. Certain reminders I can use every day! Certain thoughts, ideas and messages are like anchors to me – as long as I remember them, they ground me, calm me down, make me smile and give me strength.

The message that came through the loudest between those anchors though is this:

Let go.

As I took a close look at each card today, the detail that struck me the most are the feathers the angel in the Spiritual Growth card is letting go of…they just gracefully slide off her hands, and down to the ground.

I can think of several things I can let go of today: Perfectionism, the feeling of not doing enough for my business, the fear that I won’t be able to sell my old car for as much as I’d hoped for.

I know how important it is for me to stay grounded at all times. One visualization I practice quite frequently is to see tree roots growing out of my feet and down into the earth, and sending all excess energy and stuff that doesn’t serve me anymore to the center of the earth. Then I draw nourishing earth energy up into my body.

The thing that seems really important to me today is to let go gracefully. Instead of coming from this hectic place of anxiety, manically throwing energies, thoughts and emotions down my grounding cord, I want to let go of everything that doesn’t serve me anymore with grace and ease. Today, I’m visualizing old, stagnant energy floating down through my root system and into the earth as gently as feathers!

What this does for me is create an immense feeling of inner peace and calm. I feel grounded and connected, but at the same time light, graceful and soft.

If you imagine anxiety, overwhelm and hustling look like sharp zigzag edges, grace looks like rounded, flowing waves and streaks. Today I’m inviting in this soft, graceful energy, and I’m hoping to infuse everything I do today with grace, love and ease.

Take some time this weekend to let go of some old gunk, may it be physically, emotionally or mentally. Take some time to rest and recharge. We need to let go of the old so we call fill up with fresh energy and inspiration!