There are many ways to balance and strengthen our chakras, the energy centers along the spine that play a key role in our emotional, spiritual and even physical well-being. A very interesting and powerful approach is to take into consideration the senses that each chakra is connected to.

The Root Chakra is connected to the sense of smell. Whenever you need grounding, feel anxious and frazzled or want to manifest something, bring your nose into action! I need a lot of grounding on a regular basis, so I always have essential oils handy, burn a lot of incense and take time to smell the roses – or whatever beautiful flowers I come across! 😉 Other ideas to connect with your sense of smell are using fragrant candles, lotions, soaps and shampoos, and taking the time to really smell the food you’re preparing and eating.

The Sacral Chakra is associated with the sense of taste. When you feel the need for more sensuality, creativity and intimacy, bring on your taste buds! Take time to really taste and enjoy the food you’re eating. Try and name the spices used and the different nuances you can identify. In between meals, try flavorful herbal teas or your favorite chewing gum. You can also easily make your own flavored water by adding mint, lemon, lime, cinnamon, strawberries, cucumbers or cantaloupe to your water bottle…or any flavor combination you like. You can start getting creative right here! 😉

Next comes the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is connected to the sense of sight. Drawing, painting or meditating on mandalas, a candle flame or a beautiful picture work well in balancing this chakra. Guided imagery and visualizations are also helpful in finding more courage and stepping into your personal power. You could also do a jigsaw puzzle or create a vision board on cardboard or on Pinterest.

The Heart Chakra works in conjunction with the sense of touch. In order to bring unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness into your life, hug a friend or a pet, get a massage, hold hands with your partner or put on some comfortable clothes made of a fabric that you really enjoy feeling on your skin. You could also soak in a hot bath, do the dishes with warm water or knit with nice and soft yarn. The crystal associated with the Heart Chakra is rose quartz. If you have one, hold it in your hands and feel it warming up and spreading it’s lovely energy.

The Throat Chakra is associated with the sense of hearing. Listen to music you enjoy or an inspiring podcast to help you name and speak your truth with integrity. Also, talk to a friend or family member, sing a song or simply pay attention to the sounds that surround you: Can you hear any birds, the wind, ocean waves, cars driving by, people speaking in the distance? See if you can notice any sounds you haven’t noticed before. Another fun game is to try and identify all the instruments playing in a piece of music. Affirmations work well with this chakra, too, especially when you speak them out loud or hear them on a recording.

And that’s all five senses! But what about the two highest chakras?

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with our intuition or inner vision – basically our “sixth sense”. Practicing mindfulness and meditation are good ways to strengthen your 6th chakra. Also consider reading an inspiring or informative book or article that’ll help widen your education and increase your sense of knowing. You can also play little guessing games to practice your intuitive skills: Try guessing who’s gonna call you next, what color the next car driving by will be or what song is gonna play next on the radio.

The Crown Chakra is the most abstract of the chakras and represents our connection with the divine and our sense of universal one-ness. Prayer and meditation are great ways to open your Crown Chakra. Also, think about what makes you feel whole, fulfilled and at one with all: For some it’s being out in nature, for others it’s visiting a church or sacred place, singing in a choir or spending time with a group of friends. Think about ways that make you feel connected with everyone and everything around you!

And that’s my sensual approach to the chakras! Please share in the comments below: After reading this article, which one of the five senses do you feel drawn to the most?

I’m gonna go ahead and take another whiff of essential oil! 😉

Wishing you love and balance for the week ahead! Here’s to enjoying life with all senses 😃