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Today’s reading is a beautiful message of healing. The Healing card in combination with Surrender (reverse) highlights the importance of letting go in order to allow a healing to take place.

As long as we hold onto our hurt, heartache and pain, we allow these feelings to dwell in us. As long as we keep stirring the flames and adding more flammable material the fire continues to burn. But if we just let the fire be and let go of the need to control it, it’ll slowly, naturally burn out.

I’ve been drinking about two cups of coffee a day, which may not sound like a lot, but it is for my sensitive body. Caffeine is a very addictive substance, and I don’t like being so dependant on it that I wake up with a headache when I don’t have my cup of coffee in the morning! But, I’ve slipped back into the habit, and it’s hard for me to get out of it because of the intense withdrawal symptoms. At the same time, it’s hard for me to just accept what is and not beat myself up for having started drinking coffee again in the first place…

It seems like such a meaningless situation, and it probably is – but for some reason, it keeps bugging me to need so much caffeine, get grumpy when I don’t have enough, get headaches, and wake up feeling rather groggy every morning. It certainly doesn’t help to gripe about it, either!

Through the Surrender card reversed the angels signal me that I’m holding on too tightly to this issue, that I’m trying to force a quick solution, getting frustrated that I can’t just quit caffeine from one day to the next. Feeling dependant and somewhat helpless. You know that voice inside your head that keeps telling that this or that “is just soooo hard!”? Ego talk at its best! 😀

The angels have this incredibly loving, non-judgemental and humorous way of putting us in our place. Today I’m getting the message to stop whining, let go of the negative self-talk and surrender all the healing I need to God and the angels. And I get an amused but loving smile at the fact that this little issue is bugging me so much! 😉

I am already whole and healed just the way I am. By surrendering all my troubles, I’m making space for the angels to work through me and activate my own innate healing powers. All you need is already inside of you, in any situation. Let go of any excess layers and old gunk that doesn’t serve you anymore and allow your inner light to shine through. True healing starts on the inside – trust in your own healing powers and the endless support of God and the angels! 😃

And so it is.