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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of divine timing. If there’s one thing we can’t control in our earthly existence, it’s time! And yet, we try so hard to do just that…

Take for instance the results that we wish to see as soon as possible. If we had our way, we’d get what we want in an instant! But most things take time: It took me 3 months to get to 30 Likes on my Facebook page, and just now do I slowly see some progress. I thought that by now I’d have an online course released, or a membership site, or an ebook…some kind of sellable product. But, I’m not quite there yet. I also want to be done with the process of selling my car – but manifesting the ideal buyer takes time, too!

There’s a saying that everything will take three times as long to accomplish as you thought it would. Well, that’s almost an understatement! 😀 And while some people work well under pressure, I don’t. I consciously need to let go of all my expectations to get certain things done in a certain time – because that only stresses me out, makes me feel like I didn’t do enough, and like I will never get it done. I tend to get pretty miserable under pressure, and need to feel relaxed and centered to be my most creative and productive.

Trying to force results before they’re ‘meant’ to be completed is a huge waste of energy to me. It’s not that I’m lazy or unmotivated: I spend at least one hour a day working on my blog, my writing, and business stuff. And that has to be enough, even when tasks are piling up on my to-do list – I need to take it one step at a time, one day after the other, in order to stay sane, not burn myself out, and be able to enjoy the process.

Slow and steady wins the race! For someone like me, who’s naturally a quick thinker and a quick learner, gets enthusiastic about something quickly and tired just as fast, it’s important to slow down and get grounded, stay in the moment and take it easy on myself.

So instead of pushing myself with deadlines and unrealistic expectations, I try and focus on divine timing, the idea that everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to happen. It takes a lot of trust – trust in the Universe to take care of me, trust in my own perseverance, and trust that I’m taking the right steps every day that bring me forward little by little.

But then, even if I’m making mistakes or ‘wasting’ time on not so effective activities – that’s all part of the learning process, too! There is a reason why some things take a bit longer – and why others happen surprisingly fast.

For instance, I met my husband when I was only 20 years old, I fell in love with him after about 3 minutes (lol!), and we got engaged after one year – pretty quick, right? I would never have thought that I’d get married at just 22 years old, but it worked out perfectly. I’m grateful for having my wonderful soulmate hubby every day! 😃

Other things, and especially those that are probably not meant to be, take a lot longer: I played in bands for 10 years, dreaming of making a living playing music, without ever really getting anywhere. Sure, I played in LA a couple times and even got paid for some shows (gasp!), but I just don’t think being a professional musician is what I’m meant to do – the whole process seemed to be full of resistance.

Or, I completed my Health Coach Certification in May of this year, but after 4 months, I still didn’t have any clients – until I realized that I don’t actually want to work on the phone with people all day long, but that what I really love and feel called to do is writing. And as soon as I decided that I wanted to be a writer first and foremost, I got a bunch of new Facebook likes 😉

Divine timing is a powerful concept: Things that are meant to be happen quickly and easily. Pursuing things that are not in alignment with your highest good are met with a lot of resistance and seem to be dragging on forever. There are crazy coincidences that help you reach your goal if it’s for the highest good of all. And even though we can’t always know why some things happen (or don’t happen) a certain way or at a certain time, we can trust that God knows what he’s doing – and he probably knows better what’s best for us and everyone else than we ourselves! 😉

To me it’s incredibly comforting to not have to worry about the ‘when’ and the ‘how’ too much – as long as I take my small daily actions and keep checking in with my inner guidance every day, I know that I’m on the right path. It may sound cliche, but the journey truly IS the destination! Trade in stress and worries for trust and love, and take it one step at a time – and you can get results that surpass your wildest dreams! 😃

Much love!