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You probably know by now that I love working with angels as a way of connecting to the divine source. But there are other ways of connecting to your higher power: Some people pray to Jesus, Mother Mary and the Saints; some call on ascended masters such as Buddha, Quan Yin or Mother Theresa. Hindus have Krishna, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and thousands of other deities to talk to. Many tribal communities believe in animal totems. None of these are more real or powerful than the other: We simply choose symbols for the divine that make sense to us and that resonate with us.

Because in the end, all of these deities and spirit guides are just subtle energy! They’re vibration. Or, as angel expert and author Kyle Gray puts it so beautifully, they are “thoughts of God”. And because it’s rather difficult for us humans to connect to these very subtle energies, we use symbols to make them more tangible, more accessible, and even visible. We imagine what our angels might look like, we choose colors that resonate with us, and find out which Saint’s message speaks to us the most. It’s nothing to take too seriously, and it’s no absolute truth; it’s a highly personal process, unique to each of us.

My guardian angels are called Michael and Dory. Why? Because those names feel right to me. Michael is a gentle, calm and sturdy angel, my rock to lean on. Dory is a bubbly, joyful and incredibly loving woman with big, curly blonde hair who always dances in the back seat when I have the radio on in my car. Now these are just images. They represent certain vibrations, different energetic qualities: The calm, sturdy, strong one is what I call Michael, the bubbly joyful one is what I call Dory. If I had to choose animal totems for these two different energies I’d choose a bear and a butterfly.

Connecting with the divine is a joyful, imaginative process! If you try too hard, or try to find divine inspiration through a rigid, rational mind, you’ll most likely not see or feel very much. But if you use your imagination and the curiosity and openness of a child, a whole new world of spirits and energies opens up to you! The secret lies in amusement, imagination and letting go of all judgements and prejudices. The more you play around and imagine what your angels look like or what color this person’s aura is, the more you visualize sending healing energies to a loved one and receiving healing energies yourself, the more sensitive you become to energies. If you’re a visual person like me, you might want to work mostly with images. But if you’re more drawn to the sense of hearing or feeling, imagine what your spirit guides might sound like, what they would say to you, and what they feel like.

I think it’s so important in this day and age to let go of all dogma and rigidity concerning spirituality. We’re slowly moving away from strict hierarchies and set rules to a more free, personalized experience of God. Make it your own! Find images, affirmations, sacred places, feelings and energies that work for you. What does the vibration of unconditional love look like to you? What color do healing energies have in your mind’s eye? If forgiveness had a voice, what would it say to you? What image comes up when you connect to the energy of abundance and prosperity? That’s how you get to connect to your Higher Power, learn compassion, tolerance and openness.

Of course you can choose from images that already exist, or you can make up your own. Or a combination of both, like I’m doing! But the point is, everything you need is already inside of you, and on the inside is where your spiritual journey begins. You don’t need anyone from the outside telling you what and how to believe – pick and choose what works for you, stay open, and have fun with it; that’s all that matters.

And so it is!

Enjoy some play time with your spirit guides! 🙂