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Archangel Michael came up in my reading today! 😃 At first I thought, well actually I wanted to write about something entirely different today…until I realized that Archangel Michael is the perfect guide for this article!

Last night I started reading “Light is the New Black” by Rebecca Campbell…and her story just blew me away. She talks about how she started her spiritual journey at age 14, but how she stayed in the “spiritual closet” for many years, thinking something really bad needed to happen to her before she could share the profound messages that came through her. And so as a teenager, she prayed to God that something terrible would happen to her! At age 30, as the life she had build up to that point fell to pieces, she surrendered herself completely to God and to the voice of her soul – and when she asked “Why did all of this have to happen? Seriously, God?!” she remembered her wish from her teenage years…

Pretty intense, right?

I can SO relate to this story. Even though I’ve had my own emotional wounds, hurt and heart breaks, overall life has been pretty good to me. So good that I’m often wondering where my own pain and darkness comes from, my obsession with all things personal development and spirituality, this insatiable need to heal and grow…I mean, really, my life hasn’t offered anything that bad!

And so sometimes I can’t help but ask myself “Who am I to talk about this stuff? Who am I to think I have a message worth sharing? Who am I to feel tired, frustrated, hurt or angry? Is my story really worth sharing?”

I understand that I’m highly sensitive and therefore feel EVERYTHING more intense than others…some things that more hardy people simply shrug off can cause me to feel deeply hurt or confused. But that seems almost like a lame excuse to me!

Then I think about generational trauma: All my grandparents experienced World War 2 firsthand, had to flee their homes in the midst of winter, go to war, endure war camps…am I still carrying some of their fear and trauma?

Or am I still healing from past life trauma? Sometimes I have these thoughts and visions that I got killed in a past life for my beliefs, for being sensitive and perceptive, for thinking and being different…visions of witch trials and burning stakes, of swords and pain.

These all could be explanations for my own challenges. Some of them are hard for my thinking mind to process, some seem logical but just….not enough. Perhaps I’m just overthinking stuff and making life more complicated than it is!

In the end, I have to allow myself to feel what I’m feeling. When you try to suppress or ignore your emotions, they only grow stronger and stronger, hidden in darkness, until one day they come to life as a full-grown, almighty, all devouring demon; many small, seemingly meaningless experiences can add up to intense trauma if we routinely avoid expressing our thoughts and emotions! And if there really is such a thing as intense past life trauma, then it sure needs to be expressed and processed as well!

I think self-worth plays an important role in this one: As much as you need to feel worthy in order to be able to receive all the goodness the Universe has to offer, you also need to feel worthy in order to allow yourself to feel the way you feel. I think sometimes I don’t feel worthy of my pain, so I brush over it like it doesn’t mean anything. Like other people’s experiences are more important than mine. Like other people’s hurt and pain are more important than mine…when really, everyone’s experiences are equally valid, real, and important! There are as many different perspectives, opinions and truths as there are people. You can never assume to KNOW what someone else is feeling – perhaps you can imagine what it may feel like, but everybody’s unique make up means that there are a myriad of possible reactions to and feelings caused by the same situation!

There comes a point where trying to analyze and explain your feelings just doesn’t get you any further. And at this point, all you can do is accept, acknowledge and surrender. I don’t know why I’m experiencing life a certain way or why certain things happen; but I do know that I can call on Archangel Michael to give me courage, strength and faith in any challenging situation. And I can ask him to help me cut the cords to any past experiences that are holding me back and causing me pain, no matter if they just happened, go way back to childhood or even back to previous generations and lifetimes.

I find the following visualization very helpful: Visualize strings attaching you to past trauma, fear and pain, and watch as Archangel Michael cuts these cords with his mighty sword, freeing you from all the hurt and pain that it’s time to let go of. Afterwards, notice how much lighter and freer you feel…feel a deep sense of relief washing over you.
Thank you Archangel Michael for cutting the cords that keep us bound to all past hurt and trauma – thank you for giving us the strength to face our demons, and thank you for setting us free.

And so it is!

Sending you love, courage and healing,