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This morning I listened to Doreen Virtue’s Weekly Oracle Card Reading, and one thing she said really stuck with me (I’m paraphrasing here):

At the end of your life, you realize that all along there was never anything to worry about. In fact, by worrying about something, you can bring it into your life! You really are that powerful. 

It makes total sense to me. It is part of my belief system that everything happens for a reason, and that God/the Universe knows the perfect path for each and everyone of us, mapping it out roughly at the beginning of our lives, and then making adjustments along the way. So, there really IS no need to worry. Right?

And yet, there is this fearful voice inside of me. There are these deep-seated worries that I just can’t seem to shake off. No matter how much I pray and visualize and try to focus on the good, certain fearful thoughts keep creeping back in, again and again. And so, again and again, I work on coming back to love and trust. I try to. Sometimes it goes pretty quickly, but at other times it takes several days and a whole bunch of tools from my energetic, spiritual and emotional tool box to get centered again. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just stay there? And not have to worry anymore?

Sometimes I even get worried about being worried: I know that I can attract what I don’t want in my life by worrying about it – so when I catch myself worrying, I become afraid that now this thing will certainly enter my life. And I brought it on! Ugh. It’s really a difficult situation!

Or is it?

I’m working on my first e-book at the moment, and in it, there’s a whole long chapter about grounding, and a whole long chapter about letting go. Again and again, I’m drawn to these two healing principles: regaining my connection to the earth, and releasing excess and/or negative energies. This may not be true for everyone: From an Ayurvedic perspective, I have mostly air, ether and fire in my energetic constitution, but almost no earth. So in order to stay balanced, I have to return to the earth again and again. On the other hand, for someone who has a lot of earth energy in their natural energetic makeup, it’s more about connecting to the heavens and opening up to divine inspiration than getting grounded!

It’s a really fascinating approach. If you’re interested in your Ayurvedic consitution, called Dosha, check out this handy dandy quiz.

It really helps me to understand myself and others better by looking at them through the eyes of the elements. In Ayurveda you have air, ether, fire, water and earth. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it’s earth, water, fire, wood and metal. Here’s an overview of the elements in TCM.


There are other energy profiling systems out there (such as Carol Tuttle’s which is super amazing!), and they all can serve in understanding yourself, your natural preferences and your needs better. I’m just drawn to Ayurveda as it is the first of those systems that I have learned.

To get back to the whole thing about worry: One thing about my Dosha is that I’m a natural worry wart. Like the wind, my thoughts and feelings go here and there and everywhere, I get easily distracted, and unfortunately, when out of balance I tend to get fearful and worrisome. I guess I’m just a little out of balance at the moment…but I know just the cure: Connecting with the earth, grounding, and letting go. That’s the power of the elements. That’s the power of nature.

These days, we tend to think in standardized terms that we think should apply for every human being. We try to squeeze ourselves in cultural and lifestyle boxes that simply don’t fit everyone. We think that based on scientific studies, everybody should eat these foods and avoid those to stay healthy, and medications should have the same effects on everybody. We think that going to college, working a 9-5 and starting a family should work for everyone.


When really, everybody is unique and requires a certain type of life to function at their best. The cookie cutter approach really takes us away from nature. Through the wisdom of the elements we can return to our most natural selves, understand our biggest challenges and needs as well as our biggest strengths and preferences. Connecting with our true nature is what brings about true empowerment and fulfillment.

Please let me know in the comments below:
What elements are most prevalent in your own energetic constitution?

How does this change the way you see yourself and your life?

In reverence of the beauty of the elements…<3

Much love!