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Sometimes, you just have to step out of your own way and let the universe take care of you.

After almost three weeks of trying to sell my car unsuccessfully, I started doubting that I’d actually be able to sell it for more than just a painfully small amount of money. Which felt pretty deflating, but even more than that, I was quickly growing tired of phone calls from strangers and nightly appointments to show my old car and explain every single noise it was making. Not something an introvert like me enjoys!

I was hoping to sell my old car before buying a new one, but at some point, I decided to actively start looking at a new vehicle, just for fun, just to check it out, and to get this stagnant energy around this whole car thing moving.

So exactly one week ago I had an appointment to look at a used Nissan Leaf in great condition, with low mileage and for a good price, and I was really excited to check out an electric car.

At 8 am in the morning, I got a text from someone interested in buying my old car, inquiring if they could take a look at it that day. I definitely got my hopes up once they told me they were stopping at the bank for money on the way over…

At 1.30 pm I had sold my car for the amount I had hoped for to a super nice and appreciative father and son team.

At 3 pm I was taking a first look at my soon to be new car! I couldn’t have timed it better myself. *high five Universe!*  The seller was super nice, gave us all the info we needed, and we decided to go for it. Four days later I was driving home my new, earthy red electric car.

Everything went incredibly smooth once I decided to stop stressing and let the Universe figure out the details for me. Yes, I still have to go to the DMV (wish me luck!), do some paperwork, get new tires, and get used to driving an electric car – but, I’ve been able to close one chapter, and start a new, exciting one. So far, I’m loving my new eco-friendly ride! 😃

I’m incredibly grateful for the smooth transactions, for being able to wrap everything up before the holidays, and for the awesome teamwork with my husband! 😃
At the end of the day, all my worries and stressing were completely unnecessary – which I find is the case quite often in my life! This is has been a great lesson for me in dealing with/manifesting on a larger scale; and it has worked out just splendid! I do want to get better at getting out of my own way, and trusting that God will take care of me and lead me in the right direction. Miracles happen when you let go of fear and make space for them in your life!

Much love from me and Wally (that’s the car’s name)! 😉