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To me, writing is channeling. It’s less about my message, but more about what message is trying to come through me. Or, in the words of Marianne Williamson: “You’re not the water. You’re the faucet.”

I love this idea of receiving. And I see myself as a natural receiver: I’m always open to ideas and inspiration, I’m a better listener than a talker, and I love to just “take it all in”. I don’t always have to do stuff – often, I’m just fine being still, silent, quiet, and simply seeing what comes up.

The interesting thing is that I don’t have this feeling of receiving and channeling when I’m speaking. Often I have trouble finding the right words or coming up with witty replies on the spot. It’s like there’s just blank space inside of me as soon as I open my mouth – but when I take pen and paper in my hand and start writing, words pour out quickly and effortlessly.

I think we all have our own ways of channeling, meaning having a direct connection to the divine and receiving messages straight from the spirit plane. For me, it’s not just writing, but also playing the drums and even cooking! It’s the things that come to us easily, effortlessly. It’s those moments when we’re in the flow, completely immersed in a task, creating something of value and beauty. Channeling can come in all sorts of shapes: Writing an inspiring article, giving a great speech, playing beautiful music, painting a touching picture, preparing a nourishing meal…but it could also be through organizing a closet neatly and tidily, fixing up a car with masterful skills or decorating a home with loving attention.

According to Sue Patton Thoele, “Creativity is wisdom in action”, and it is our “most Godlike” quality. We are created in the likeness of our creator, and therefore all of us have this inherent creative spark. We all are powerful manifestors, mothers and fathers, artists, writers, speakers, engineers and so on. I believe that finding your unique way of creating and channeling God’s wisdom is integral to finding fulfillment, purpose and inner peace.

As adults we often don’t make time to be creative. We’re always busy, or too tired, or have other priorities. But our quality of life increases drastically when we let our creative juices flow: It makes us more centered, confident, brave, joyful, patient, kind and generous. Creating something and enjoying the process helps us give more to others, while simultaneously filling up our own batteries! It’s a truly amazing process. Through our own creativity, we connect with our hearts, get filled up with love and channel the most amazing messages.
Think back to your childhood: What is something that you loved to do as a kid that made time just fly by? Singing, drawing, playing sports, building tree houses, reading, role playing? Whatever you were drawn to as a child gives you a clue of what your way of creating and channeling is.

I’ve always loved music and would sing every day. I loved to play cooking in my little play kitchen, and I loved to be read to and learned how to read myself when I was just 5 years old. Today, I feel most alive when I’m playing music on stage, I feel most grounded and content when I’m writing, and I feel most nourished when I’m preparing a great meal for my loved ones and me.

How about you: What fills you up?
What creative activity comes to you effortlessly?
When do you feel most connected and in the flow?
What is your unique gift to the world?

Please let me know in the comments below, I love to hear from you! 😃

To letting the creative juices flow! 😃