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My dad taught me to see divine beauty everywhere. Nature is his church, and he gets really excited every time he notices something remarkable, such as a gorgeous little flower, a beautiful bird song, a cute bug or the delicious scent of fresh mushrooms growing in the forest. “Look at this! The dear lord created this!”, have I heard him exclaim in wonder many times 😃

So I’ve learned from early childhood on to see magic and miracles in minute details and everyday sights. I get excited when I see the squirrels playing in my backyard, I feel touched by the beauty of two twirling butterflies, and I feel amused and grateful when I catch a lot of green lights on my commute. All of these simple things are divine expressions in my eyes.

But sometimes even I pray for a sign, a sign that God is there, some kind of advice and reassurance. Last night before I fell asleep I prayed that I would receive a sign in my dreams. I want to be sure that I’m on the right track and moving forward at the right speed…I want to find out how I can be of service to others, but I also want to find ways to build a career and make more money – not necessarily for me or for the sake of material possessions, but for my husband and our family plans.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and as I glanced at my alarm clock, I saw that it was 1:11am – and I knew that this was the sign I had prayed for!

Checking in with Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers app this morning, I found out that the number 111 stands for rapid manifestation carries the advice to focus on your desires and release your fears to God and the angels. It’s a reminder for me to stay in faith and trust that everything will work out just fine. That it’s okay to take things one step at a time, and that I’m slowly inching my way towards my goals and dreams – and my life purpose.

Today, I’m releasing all my fears, worries, desires and wishes to God, knowing that I already have everything I need, and that I will receive everything else I need in order to fulfill my mission on this planet!

And so it is.

Keep the faith and stay open to the signs 😃

Much love,


PS: Yes, I have a new card deck! It’s this one, and I absolutely love it!