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In today’s day and age it is pretty much impossible not to work with computers, tablets, smartphones and other screens and devices on a daily basis. I don’t think that’s a good or a bad thing; I think of technology the same way I think of money: It is a neutral tool that can be used for great accomplishments and the greater good of all, but when used unconsciously and without any awareness and responsibility, it can cause more harm than benefit.

When I work on my laptop or smartphone for extended periods of time, I notice several things: My neck , shoulders and back start to feel stiff and tight. My mind starts racing and my thoughts can’t stop spinning. I start to feel anxious, irritated and ungrounded. I lose connection with my body. It’s like all my energy is up in my head, until I feel like I’m about to explode!

And I think that’s the problem with technology: Most of the information comes flooding in in very abstract ways, as bits and bytes, JPEGs and GIFs, links and posts, images, videos, emails, text messages…none of it is tangible, touchable. The entire Internet is an abstract construct that can only be accessed by our thinking mind – not our body. Which means the more time we spend in this abstract world, the more we lose connection with our body. There’s a huge imbalance here! But the good news is this: Where there is imbalance, balance can be restored…

Here are a few simple ways to stay grounded while working on the computer (or any type of device):

  1. Take regular breaks. Every 45 minutes to an hour, get up and take a break. Use the bathroom, get a glass of water or walk around the house for a few minutes. Do not use your breaks to check our Facebook newsfeed or watch funny cat videos on Youtube! Get away from all technology for a couple minutes. Take a moment to notice your surroundings, the weather outside, the colors and textures around you, anything that catches your eye.
  2. Connect with your body. Take three deep belly breaths. Do a couple stretches for your neck and shoulders in the morning and in the evening, or during your breaks. Stomp your feet on the ground a few times to regain connection to the earth. Walk around barefoot if you can. Close your eyes and ask your body what it needs at this moment: Are you hungry, thirsty, tired? Do you need fresh air, a couple stretches or food?
  3. Use your nose. The sense of smell is associated with the root chakra, our most primal and physical energy center located at the base of the spine. Lighting incense or using essential oils can help us to get back into our bodies when we are working on our devices. Use earthy, woodsy scents such as cedar, pine, frankincense, sandalwood or lavender. Take a few seconds here and there to close your eyes and take a whiff of whatever yummy smell surrounds you.
  4. Put a container with water and sea salt under your desk. Sea salt dissolved in water is said to cleanse your energy body from any negative or excess energies. You can also soak your feet in salt water for 10-15 minutes, or take an Epsom salt bath in the evening to wash of the energies of all the people and things you virtually interacted with throughout the day.
  5. Surround yourself with healing crystals and gemstones. Electronic devices are said to send out electromagnetic fields that can mess with our own energy body, causing symptoms such as depression, fatigue, irritability and headaches. Certain crystals can help through their ability to absorb or block “electromagnetic smog”, for instance Smokey Quartz, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline and Hematite. Just keep them near your computer, carry them in your pocket or wear them as jewelry.
  6. Have no more than three tabs open at a time. I think having only one tab open at a time is often simply not realistic, but limiting it to three at a time can help you to eliminate distractions, stay more focused, and be more productive while feeling less overwhelmed.
  7. Try working on just one device at a time. If you’re on the computer, don’t check your cellphone every two minutes. If it’s realistic for you, silence your phone and answer texts and phone calls at a specified time in your day when you’re NOT on the computer. If your work requires you to pay attention to multiple devices, make sure to be fully present to whichever one you’re using. Don’t check your emails in the background while you’re talking on the phone. Finish the email you’re writing before replying to the text that just came in. Everyone can wait for 5 minutes for a reply! Be in the moment, and focus on one thing at a time.

Let me know in the comments below:

Which one of these tips sounds most helpful to you?

How do you stay grounded while being surrounded by technology?

Much love and happy grounding! 🙂