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The other day I read about a simple, yet fascinating technique to see where your energy center is at in that moment, if it’s balanced, pulling you back, or pushing you forward: Simply stand up straight with both feet flat on the floor, and notice where the majority of your weight is – in your toes, in your heels, or evenly distributed over the whole foot?

I had to try it out right away, and I noticed that my weight was mostly on my heels, meaning I was holding back. Procrastinating on something. And, sure enough, I hadn’t quite gotten around to setting up the opt-in and email sequencing for my Ebook yet…today, after having figured out all the tech stuff and having everything released and tested (check it out here), I checked in with my feet again and noticed a very even, centered stance πŸ™‚

I know that I have the tendency to push, criticize and put pressure on myself, a common theme in the ever present go-go-go mentality of modern society. So what I practice (and write about) most, is slowing down. Putting on the brakes and enjoying the scenery of life…letting go, going inward and relaxing. But sometimes even I need a push forward, through fears, resistance, and convenience. And then it feels great to do it anyway, make progress and accomplish something!

The point here is that life is a continuous balancing act. Every moment of every day we need to work on getting back to balance. Sometimes that means slowing down, sometimes it means pushing forward, changing direction, or staying put. Finding out and acting on what’s needed in any given situation helps us to show up as our best selves and get the best possible results.

However, if we consulted our mind only, we would most likely never stop working! We’d never even sleep, as our lists of chores, responsibilities and not-enough-ness would never end. We would work and rest when we’re supposed to, not when we feel called or inspired to do so. We might feel guilty taking breaks…

Of course, listening to our soul or our higher self is ideal, but what do we do when we’re too stressed out to hear its wisdom? We go back to our bodies.

Our body tells us what we need in very clear terms at all times. It tells us when we’re feeling energized and inspired and ready to get sh*t done!Β It also tells us when we’re tired and really need a break.

If simply paying attention to our feet while standing can give us important information about our energy center and how to balance it, imagine what kind of guidance we can get from our bodies if we just checked in with them more regularly! Really, we’d always know what we need and want, what we are able to do, and where our limits are; who wouldn’t want that kind of clarity!

Of course there will always be situations when we need to go to work when we’re tired, or when we have to do stuff we don’t feel like doing in that moment…when we have to go against our body’s needs. But our body is willing to work with us. Have you ever noticed that during really stressful times, you were able to push through, get by on 4 hours of sleep a night and get everything done you needed to? And once your first day off comes along, you crumble into a little sad, exhausted pile ready to take naps all day and binge watch Netflix in between?

That’s because your body pushed through for you as long as you needed it to, and waited to demand rest until you had time. What a great friend!

Your body will push through for you when you need it to, but if you feel tired, not excited or even resentful about something, pay attention to that. Don’t push it too hard if you don’t want to severely burn yourself out. Sometimes accommodating your body is as simple as taking a small break, getting a healthy snack or adopting a more gentle attitude. But sometimes, it tells you loud and clear to say no to something, set stronger boundaries, let go of something, or go to bed early today! Trust your body’s guidance.

The more you work with your body instead against it, the more productive, inspired, compassionate and happy you’ll be. So take a deep breath and a moment to check in with your body’s needs – and while you’re at it, say thank you, too πŸ˜‰

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