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I love the song “Waiting On The Sun” by Sixpence None The Richer. Especially the above line always touches me in a very profound way…it’s beautiful and melancholic, yet loving and truthful. Nobody likes a perfect, flawless fellow human (that is an oxymoron in and of itself). We often try to highlight our gifts and talents and hide our quirks and flaws, but it’s that unique combination of strength and weakness that make us human, approachable and ultimately lovable. And I think there’s truth in that what you perceive as your biggest weakness is actually your biggest strength…

The character trait I view as my personal double-edged sword is my sensitivity. I’m emotional, introverted and empathetic. I get tired quickly, cry easily and make friends timidly. For many years, I tried to toughen up and suppress my sensitive nature, which only made me feel miserable and didn’t lead anywhere. But I’m slowly learning to accept the gifts this trait brings with it: I’m able to get along with most people and appreciate them for who they are; my intuition is strong and guides me well; I see beauty and magic in the smallest details of every day life.

Do you have a strong temper? Perhaps it just means that you’re passionate about taking action and bringing more justice into the world.

Do you get easily distracted? Perhaps you just have a very vivid imagination and achieve results you own way, thinking around corners, day dreaming and receiving flashes of inspiration.

Do you feel like you’re weird and don’t fit in? Perhaps you’re a natural leader, born to lead the way for your own tribe of unique like-minded people.

What is the one trait you perceive to be “your biggest flaw”?

Once you’ve identified your own “biggest flaw” and the potential gifts in it, can you think back to an instance where this potential gift came out very strongly and saved the day?

It is important to remember that our most prominent character trait is what we make of it: If we suppress and demonize it, it will keep us small and lead us to make mistakes. But if we embrace it and learn to deal with it, it can become our biggest asset. In order to make the best of my sensitivity I’ve had to accumulate a large tool bag filled with exercises for emotional balance and stress management, energy healing tools, a diet and a routine that works for me, affirmations, daily Yoga sessions and daily creative expression.

What actions, rituals, knowledge, tools and exercises would be supportive of YOUR unique superpower? What is ONE THING you can do today that could turn your biggest flaw into your biggest strength?

As usual, I recommend taking baby steps and regular, measurable actions instead of trying to overhaul your life in one big swoop. Learning to live in your superpower requires continuous work. It takes practice and commitment and it won’t always be easy. And there will still be times when your inner demons get the best of you. Sometimes, you will curse the exact thing that makes you YOU. But remember that it’s that vulnerability and that willingness to embrace ALL of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly, that makes you lovable, endearing and ultimately powerful.

Here’s to your vulnerability, your weakness, your willingness to be yourself, and the whole, beautiful package that is YOU! 🙂