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It’s time for another book review! I had heard about this one about a year ago, and when my birthday rolled around in November I finally got my hands on a copy of Rebecca Campbell’s “Light Is The New Black”. It’s a compilation of her personal story, prayers, poems, inspiring questions and exercises to uncover your soul’s calling. Most chapters are pretty short, and I love her writing style that sounds like it was channeled straight from above.

What I really appreciate about this book though is that it’s written for my generation. It perfectly describes the struggles modern women go through: the need to do meaningful work on top of the need to have a loving family and support system; the need to fully express yourself; the increasing inability to play a role instead of living your truth.

“For as long as I can remember, I had this inner knowing that I was here for a reason. I knew I had a purpose, a calling, but the whole thing stressed me out. It was like walking around with this huge weight of responsibility on my shoulders. It felt like I had this urgent thing to do and time was running out. You know that feeling when you have an assignment or work to do on the weekend, and you can’t relax until it’s done? Well, I had that feeling constantly.” (Light Is The New Black, P.2)

Reading this paragraph felt like coming home. I had no idea that there were other people out there feeling the same way as me! I had no idea that this struggle to find the right career, the right lifestyle, the right answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was so real! I thought I was crazy because when the end of school neared I felt so incredibly anxious and pressured to take the “right” next step…it was like my life depended on it!

I thought I was crazy because I had a hard time fitting in, walking the mainstream path, and doing the same thing people have been doing for years: go to college, get a good, safe career, start a family, buy a house, go retire. For me, making money, getting a degree and having a safe career were only distractions – the real quest has always been to answer my soul’s calling. And it’s been calling undeniably loud ever since I was a young teen.

Where others seemed to have no problem going to University “just to get a degree” or work a job “just to make money” I’ve always quickly started feeling miserable when something seemed dull, meaningless or “just not quite right” to me. I’ve always secretly judged myself for this lack of discipline, patience and perseverance; but Campbell explains this tendency as something fairly normal for the modern, sensitive and conscious woman craving to follow her heart. In her own words: “Anything inauthentic can no longer survive.”

For some reason these times that we live in call us louder than ever to find and fulfill our unique, individual purpose. Every one of us has a unique purpose, and a unique set of gifts that enable us to do wonderful things – and every single one our gifts is needed by the world today!

The whole book is filled with inspiration, stories, questions and exercises to help you listen to that calling and build a life that is in alignment with your soul purpose. It’s about overcoming fears and blocks and stepping into a fully aligned, complete and powerful woman. It’s about being of service and shining your light in a way that only you can. It’s about taking on leadership and changing the world.
When you don’t follow your soul’s calling, you’ll always have that nagging feeling of missing out, this low-level anxiety. It’ll be hard to ever feel truly fulfilled. On the other hand, when you start to do what lights you up, you become happier, more inspired, healthier, and stronger. Opportunities will start to open up once you start playing your part in healing the planet.

My biggest takeaway from “Light Is The New Black” is that the world needs our light, and that things will always be challenging and difficult as long as we try to live our lives according to outside answers and principles. On the other hand, life will get easier and more in-the-flow once we decide to listen to, trust and take action on our inner guidance:
“Call off the search party, I was inside me all along” 

Seriously. This is an amazing book, and in my opinion should be required reading for every girl and young woman growing up today.

In love, light and purpose,