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Has someone ever told you that “Nothing in your life is ever wasted”?

I’ve heard it a lot. At least in the world of personal and spiritual development this is one of the very basic lessons. As in, everything is part of the learning experience, everything happens for a reason and will be useful to you in the end.

Still, I’ve been having a hard time believing that all these things in my life served a specific purpose: That school for speech therapy I dropped out of after one year; having played in bands since I was 15; that Yoga teacher training I’ve never used; my dabbles in Ayurveda and energy healing; that one year I spent writing online articles in German (a ton of work for a pitiful amount of money); and finally that Health Coach training where I learned a ton of amazing stuff – but one of the lessons is that I don’t really want to be a coach talking to people on the phone all day long.

It seemed like my whole life was a series of starts and stops, with no consistency, no concrete goal, and no fucking plan.

However, I’m finally starting to see some kind of consistency, that common denominator of my life: My love for reading, writing and learning has always been there. My interest in a wide a array of topics. My own physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey. I’ve always loved writing essays in school, online articles, emails and love poems to my beloved, handwritten letters to my Grandma, new blog posts…I’ve always loved reading books, magazines, blogs, ingredient lists and creative product labels.

Obviously, writing is my thing. It’s just about finding a way that actually pays a decent living or at least a good side income…that darn factor money is always messing up the whole equation! 😉

So, after 6 years of starts and stops, I think I’ve found a way: Copywriting. So I’m practicing my skills in writing website copy, sales letters, email sequences, blog posts, product descriptions, etc. (through AWAI, truly amazing and eye-opening resource that I highly recommend to my fellow writers!) And I’m slowly starting to tell people that I’m a copywriter…

I know exactly for whom I want to write: Coaches, healers and holistic entrepreneurs. All of a sudden, a new world opens up in which I can combine all my passions: I can write about nutrition, Yoga and Ayurveda; Reiki angels and energy healing; Chakras, crystals and emotional balance; migraines, high sensitivity and introversion. I can use the knowledge I’ve learned along the way, and learn more (yay!) as I’m going along.

I can be of service to inspiring people, working in the background without having to be a visionary leader myself…because that sounds like a lot of pressure to me! I just want to be me – quiet, creative, dreamy, passionate and com-passionate.

And for the first time ever, instead of fears and doubts and worries there’s a little voice inside of me saying:

You can do this.

What have the experiences in your life taught you? Can you spot a common theme?

What do you think of copywriting? (It sounds like you can make a good living doing it…)

Much love!



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