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There’s something incredibly healing about silence.

Sometimes when I feel anxious, overwhelmed or just kind of “off”, it’s nice to turn off all distractions and just bask in sweet, nourishing silence. I can instantly feel my nervous system relaxing. I can almost hear it sigh in relief. Music is great, talking is great, but there’s something about complete silence that allows you to truly reconnect with yourself. It’s deeply cleansing. It’s comforting. It’s a surefire way to clarity and peace.

Sometimes, silence can be scary.

I know it used to be for me. I’d make sure that I was always busy and distracted because I was afraid of what might come up in quiet and solitude. But I’ve learned to appreciate the richness of silence: Only in silence can you start to hear God.

Every time you pray for guidance or relief or a solution, it’s equally important to take time to be still and listen. If you’re wondering where God’s answers are and if he’s even listening, chances are that you haven’t taken the time to actually listen for the answer. Chances are that your life is so full and busy that there’s simply no room for guidance and inspiration to come in.

And that’s why I love silence – all the wisdom of the Universe can be found in a couple minutes of stillness.

When was the last time you took time to bask in silence? Is silence intimidating to you?