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So I’ve finally jumped on the Pinterest train a couple months ago. It is a super fun way to create vision boards, dream of travelling and beautiful new homes, get inspired in the kitchen or at the drawing board etc…, etc…

A very popular manifestation tool is to create a so called Vision Board.

On a vision board, you collect images and symbols of things you desire: That new car, that luxurious house, that expensive dress, but also that degree, that pile of money or that romantic wedding.

Rebecca Campbell expands on this idea in her book “Light Is The New Black” and suggests to create a Vibration Board:

Here it’s not just about things that you want, it’s also about the feelings that you want to be feeling. When you think about that house or that big savings account or that fancy dress, think about the underlying feeling you want to achieve: Do you yearn to feel secure? Loved? Accomplished? Respected? Energized? Happy? Then look for images and symbols that bring up the feeling in you that you’re wanting to feel.

So for example, if you pin cute dog pictures to your Vision Board, you might actually want to manifest a puppy for your family. On your Vibration Board however, you might not necessarily want an actual dog, but simply conjure feelings of joy, happiness and freedom from care and worries.

When I started my Vibration Board, it quickly amassed a huge amount of random images.

Some days I found photos of lavender and poppy fields inspiring…other times romantic pictures of the full moon…and then I’d pin images of adorable bears or fierce warrior priestesses. There was no consistent message, rendering the board pretty much useless. I realized that the images I’m drawn to shift with my daily mood, and that therefore I needed more categorized boards.

Enter Mood Boards.

One day when I was feeling rather tired and sad, I started pinning images that reflected my melancholic state. Think cherry blossoms flowing in the wind, soft waters, misty forests and impressions of rain. After a while, I started feeling better. I felt comforted by the images and less alone. I was able to fully acknowledge my feelings and give them a visual expression – until they felt completed, fully processed and ready to let go of.

Another time I felt irritated and angry. My Anger Board features roaring lions, strong female warriors, dark images of the Goddess Kali and a few cranky memes. I also created a PMS Board, and I know I’ll need one for Gratitude, Joy and Inner Peace, but also Guilt, Anxiety, Loneliness and Disappointment.

The great thing about Mood Boards is that they’re super easy to create and completely safe.

You can choose to keep your Boards private if you don’t wish anyone to see them. You don’t need any special skills or supplies – all you need is an internet connection and 15 to 30 minutes of undisturbed time. You don’t need to scream, burn things, throw things, get loud, eat a whole pint of ice cream, empty that bottle of whiskey that’s been sitting in your cabinet or go on a shopping spree. You simply sit with your feelings and allow the photos and works of art others have already created express your feelings for you…but in a completely unique and made-just-for-you combination.

And now it’s your turn: What emotion would you want to express with your first Mood Board?

Happy Pinning! 😉