Welcome to my blog, dear reader!  🙂

My intention is to provide helpful content and create a safe space for you to go inwards, get grounded, let go of anxiety and overwhelm, and find kindness, clarity and joy in reading my articles! Because this is what writing does for me: It helps me to make sense of life, understand myself better, connect to my Higher Self, access divine inspiration, and bring more love, wisdom and joy into my own life.

I’ve always been a sensitive one, but as a child I didn’t have the comforting label of sensitivity to explain why or how I was different from others. Quiet, shy, held back…sweet and compassionate, but a little awkward. I could draw princesses for hours or sit on the rocking horse by myself, deeply immersed in my thoughts, daydreaming. I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I used to be afraid of the dark and its looming shadows, and often had to sleep with the lights on. I’ve also always been deeply moved by the smallest of things, picking up on other people’s emotions, the beauty of nature, and the depth of a captivating story.

My teenage years were rough, but after receiving my first energy healing through my driving teacher at the age 16 (read the full story here), I slowly started my long and winding journey of self-discovery and healing. My personal toolbox includes Yoga, Angel Oracle Cards, affirmations, breath practice, mindful eating, being in nature, chakra work, Reiki, guided imagery and meditation, deep conversations and lots of love.

I have made many mistakes in my life (heck, haven’t we all?). I got deeply hurt, and I have hurt the ones I love most in my life. I lost myself completely, then found myself again, several times. I have overthought life. I thought I’d never figure it out. And I’ve experienced a lot of migraines. And anxiety. And exhaustion.

Finding a career that I enjoy and that suits my temperament has always been deeply intertwined with my own healing journey. I went to a school for speech therapy for one year, did a Yoga teacher training, became a certified Health Coach, dabbled in energy healing, took many online courses in personal development and read many many books and blogs. At the end of the day, I’ve come back home to something I’ve always loved to do: writing.  

I feel like when I’m writing, I am my best self. It’s like I’m directly hooked up to my Higher Self, to divine inspiration. I often don’t have to think about what to write, but just let the words pour out of me. This is where I’m in the zone, and where the best stuff comes up. Organizing my thoughts and insights in writing helps me recharge my batteries, understand myself better and love myself more. And I hope that what I’m sharing here is helpful to whomever reads it as well.

To Love, Wisdom and Joy


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